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Year 3 Optional Weekly Projects

 Week 1



Wild Earth: Thunderstorms


This week, start learning about our wild Earth by exploring thunderstorms! Each image below links to a strand of learning:


    1. Use the ‘All About Thunderstorms’ Powerpoint to make notes and learn new facts
    2. Use the ‘How Thunderstorms Happen’ activity sheet to apply what you are learning and create your own thunderstorms diagram
    3. Use the ‘Further Research’ website to add to your notes. Once finished, think about what skills you can use to present this learning? Will you create a weather report for the local news or a news broadcast detailing a particularly bad thunderstorm? Use video or voice recording to help you!
    4. Watch the ‘BBC Bring the Noise’ video to inspire you to make home-made instruments – can you make instruments at home using boxes, containers, dry pasta or rice to create a rainmaker? How will you create thunder? Video your ‘thunderstorm’ instruments when complete!



Week 2



Wild Earth: Natural Disasters


This week, continue learning about our wild Earth by exploring natural disasters! Each image below links to a strand of learning:


  1. Use the ‘Tsunamis’ Powerpoint and YouTube video to make notes and learn new facts
  2. Use the ‘Tsunami Experiment ‘ sheet to make your own model of a working tsunami!
  3. Use the ‘Further Research’ website to add to your notes. Learn about the ‘Ring of Fire’ as well as further detail of tsunamis around the world.  Can you write an explanation text on what creates a tsunami or even record a news report based on one of the tsunamis that have happened around the world?
  4. How do you create waves in artwork? Watch the video below showing how to paint waves using acrylic paints – can you use different art supplies at home to create your own images of waves? Use paint and bubbles, or chalks and crayon: the possibilities are endless! Tweet your art work when you’re done! 



Week 3



The Romans: Invasions


This week, start learning about The Romans by exploring invasions! Each image below links to a strand of learning:


  1. Use the ‘The Invasions’ Powerpoint and the linked resources (The Roman Invasion of Britain & The Spread of the Roman Empire) to make notes and learn new facts
  2. Use the ‘Roman Soldiers’ task sheet to learn about their armour and the ways in which they kept themselves safe
  3. Use the ‘Further Research’ website to add to your notes. What do you think it would have been like to live through the Roman Invasion? Can you write letters or diary entries as if you lived through the time? 
  4. Make your OWN Roman Shield! Click the image, watch the video and follow the instructions for some Design & Technology: Roman style!





Week 4



The Romans: Boudicca


This week, continue learning about The Romans by finding out all about Boudicca’s Rebellion! Each image below links to a strand of learning:


  1.  Learn who Boudicca was and what lead to her rebellion using the Powerpoint
  2.  Use the two linked resources to the Powerpoint about Boudicca to learn about the people involved at the time and begin to write from their perspectives
  3.  Click the ‘Further Research’ to watch a video linked to Boudicca and the Roman Invasion. Add to your notes – can you create an information text of your own sharing what you have learnt? Or perhaps write a speech from Boudicca’s perspective?
  4. Learn all about Roman Mosaics – read the information before carrying the written activity and finally designing and making your OWN mosaic. We’d love to see your finished Mosaics on Twitter!




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