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My Well-Being

We follow a detailed progression of skills in ‘My Well-being’. Click on the photo below of our lovely Health and Well-being Ambassadors to see them in more detail.




‘My Well-Being’ is intended to support children and provide discussions regarding relationships, living in the wider community and health and well-being. As the leader of ‘My Well-Being’, Miss Roche is striving for all children to feel happy and safe whilst at school and comfortable and confident in their own skin as individuals.

All of our children come from a diverse range of home backgrounds but when at school they unite as a community and we want them to all have the same exposure to discussions about topics to personal, social, health and emotional well-being.

For them to identify who they are, what positive relationships they have, where they come from, be accepting of others and have a positive mindset to hopefully sustain with them throughout their education and life.

Be proud of who they are and what they can achieve and know that changes they may face as they’re growing up is OK and there’s nothing to be afraid of.


Currently, we have created a long-term overview for each year group with age appropriate and specific learning objectives that I have given as guidance for them to follow.

As this is the first term of implementing this curriculum, we have devised from the guidance of DfE, PSHE Curriculum and RSE guidance. We have provided some ideas for the lessons for the first term. As we would like the teachers to take more ownership on the lessons, we would like year groups to continue their medium term planning for ‘My Well-Being’ themselves and as a leader Miss Roche will offer support in lesson ideas and sourcing resources for specific learning objectives.

In our monitoring, we will be looking for evidence of these lessons taking place in humanities books and speaking with children to see what they have been learning about in My Well Being.


The expected impact from ‘My Well-Being’ will be seeing children having a strong understanding of positive relationships which will reflect upon the children’s behaviour and social skills whilst at school. They will know about their community and the country they are living in by being taught about different cultures, the government and the history of different celebrations which take place in England. Furthermore, the children will be aware of the importance of looking after not only their physical but their mental health too. Learn about puberty and the challenges they may face as they hit adolescence and knowing that what they are experiencing is perfectly normal.

Most importantly that they feel they can trust their teachers to ask questions if they’re unsure or are worried about something that could have happened or is going on to support them through their experience of growing up.

We also are expecting all staff to take this vision and approach on board with the subject leader and teach high quality lessons with the specific learning objectives provided so that each child that comes to us from Years 3-6 have had a breadth of discussions to address any misconceptions and are ready for the rest of their education in secondary school and beyond.

Take a look at the Essex Child & Family Well-Being Newsletter…. Click on the photo below and check out some excellent activities to help you all stay strong and healthy.



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