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Year 3


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Welcome to our ‘Additional Work’ Page.

Here you will find lots of fabulous links to interesting websites to help with your child’s learning.

Remember, as normal, all students have an Accelerated Reader username and password (in the front of their reading diaries) to log on and complete a comprehension quiz once they’ve finished a book! We have our own AR website for this so make sure you use the following link. Click the button below!


Whilst we are working from home, this website is free to read as many books as you like. Our pupils can then complete an Accelerated Reader quiz afterwards to test their comprehension. Click the ‘My On’ image to visit the website now:


NEW!!! Resources to Support Home Learning

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Use the Maths links below to practise arithmetic, problem solving and reasoning skills:

White Rose Home Learning – Year 3


Your Guide to Fluent in Five!

Fluent in Five – Part 1

Fluent in Five – Part 2

Fluent in Five – Part 3

Fluent in Five – Part 4

Fluent in Five – Part 5

Fluent in Five – Part 6


A Guide to Rapid Reasoning

Y3 Rapid Reasoning – Book 1

Y3 Rapid Reasoning – Book 2

Y3 Rapid Reasoning – Book 3

Y3 Rapid Reasoning – Book 4

Y3 Rapid Reasoning – Book 5

Y3 Rapid Reasoning – Book 6




Use the links below to practise your Reading skills:

BBC Bitesize

Phonics Bloom – Reading Basic Sentences

Karate Cat Games

Understanding The Author

Retrieving Information from a Text

Snooze-o-meter Reading Comprehension

George and the Dragon Reading Comprehension

The King with Donkey Ears Reading Comprehension

Use the links below to practise your Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling skills:

Play Along to Practise Spellings from the National Curriculum

Spelling Challenge! Unlock the Words!

Coconut Vowels

Word Frog Game – Antonyms and Synonyms

Lots of Wonderful Grammar Games to Explore!

Conjunctions Challenge!

Choosing Powerful Verbs to Improve a Story

Other Curriculum Subjects

YEAR 3 Home Learning Pack

YEAR 3 Practical Activities

YEAR 3 France Activities

Subjects to Learn About and Research

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