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Creative Writing for Parents

Four lovely, keen parents have just completed a short course exploring Creative Writing. This followed an introduction to how English is taught in school and a previous similar Maths course.

They each wrote a ‘learning journey’ and have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Below are some of their comments.

I will be running ‘Keeping up with the children – Maths’ again in the Spring term so look out for further information in the newsletters.  If you have any queries in the meantime, do contact me at the school.

– Mrs Griffiths

For me, the creative writing has been my biggest challenge. I have really enjoyed it and surprised myself.

We learnt so much and my confidence is much better.

Not only was I learning maths, I also know some of the methods and terminology my son was learning so it didn’t feel alien to me.

I have made four new friends!

We are all different but when we are together, we are one.

Thank you to Mrs Gaskin for allowing these courses to take place and can we please have some more!

I learnt so many skills and different ways the children are taught.

I have joined the adult learning college – GCSE English and Level 1 Maths. If Mrs Griffiths hadn’t taken this time with me, I would never have had the confidence to forge forward and do it.

I have now gone on to do my maths level 1 which I am enjoying. When I was at school, I really wasn’t interested but I really need to know…

We all had different backgrounds and varying degrees of knowledge that we shared and every week I would come away with a new skill.

I can assist with homework and understand what my daughter is trying to achieve.

If any parent is uncertain, I would recommend these courses.

Creative Writing
Creative Writing
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